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QualityKiosk Automation Test Harness - QATH Advantage

QATH is an automated test management solution for handling complete software testing lifecycle through automation. QATH helps insurers rethink their strategies to cater to new customers by renewing their analytics infrastructure

The framework of QATH is very versatile and flexible and can be used across functional, regression, and sanity testing, and also addresses all levels of testing.

This is a huge advantage for clients in the pre-purchase stage, and this new empowerment has made them more demanding, mindful, and considered of their insurance requirements

What’s Stopping Insurance Organizations from Releasing Products Sooner?

Insurers are looking at launching newer products for the digitally savvy customers. They need to develop products based on the regulatory compliances, they need to cultivate innovative products without crossing the boundaries of insurability. They need to follow the guidelines keep a tab on the expenses, most of the organizations have accumulated losses due to significant costs. Altogether insurance companies face various challenges of the industry like slow growth, rising costs, deteriorating distribution structure and stalled reforms.

New products also take time to release in the market due to lack of testing frameworks, automations etc. A lot of products released are not innovative, do not have various customer touch points, lack quality, poor distribution channels and hence the speed to go to market is reduced. Products when delivered in the market should be innovative and customer focused. The products key features like pricing, design and simplicity are key factors for it to be successful. Distribution and challenges of various channels is another huge concern for the industry, these need to be in response to market dynamics and changing consumer preferences.

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