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Business Automation

Business Automation

“At QualityKIosk DevOps is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of software developers, Quality Assurance, Business, and Operations professionals while automating the process of software deliveryand infrastructure changes”

To keep up pace with the business velocity that can deliver the growth and scale of current digital business environments. With around 20 years of experience supporting and enabling organisations across there SDLC and end user application environment, we are uniquely placed to manage your QA strategy and test coverage using our DevOps practices and agile frameworks.
• Use layered Testing to enable Continuous Delivery. 
• Use Robotic Test Automation to achieve scalability and efficiency. 
• Deploy Continuous Testing approach through automation. 
• Create a plan for agile deployment of the program in agile sprints.

QualityKiosk also leverages a Unified Intelligence Framework AnaBot - a one of its kind AI based platform that converts data into meaningful insights. It non-intrusively extracts millions of events from customer’s IT ecosystem, and automatically builds a model and provides actionable intelligence. Depending on the use cases configured, the following perspectives will be provided –
• Business and CX Intelligence
• Operational Intelligence
• Testing Intelligence
• Customer Service Intelligence

This Unified Intelligence Platform thus benefits stakeholders including those from IT-Ops, Biz-Ops and DevOps.